Extreme Archery Rules / Game Play

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What has commonly been known around the world as “Archery Tag®” has evolved into an organized sport known as “Extreme Archery”.  The International Extreme Archery Federation (IEAF) was formed to oversee and govern the sport.  Archery Tag® was chosen as the official equipment provider for the IEAF due to their 8 year track record for safety and innovation.

The Field of Play consists of a 30 foot x 60 foot, rectangular shaped area on a flat surface, free of hazards, with 2 “Action Zones” separated by a “Neutral Zone”

Teams are made up of 4-8 players, with only 4 players on the field for each team during game play.  Players may alternate between games to allow an opportunity for all team members to play.

Matches are made up of three 8 minute games.  In the event of a tie, game play resumes for another 2 minutes until a winner is declared.

The object of the game is to strike your opponents with special non-lethal arrows.  These arrows are different than the “standard” Archery Tag® arrow, and have been designed exclusively for this extreme sport.

Points are awarded for “hits” and “catches”

One unique aspect about this coed sport is that it is very inclusive.  All backgrounds and skill levels are welcomed.

NOTE:  This is a condensed version of the Official Rules.  The Official Rule Book is available to paid members.