What is an Offical

An official is a sanctioned and certified individual who watches a game closely to ensure that the rules are adhered to and becomes responsible for any arbitration on matters arising from gameplay. Head officials are responsible for checking all equipment at the start of each match during a tournament ensuring that the field and equipment meet standard requirements, keeping the time of the match and having the deciding vote in cases of a challenge. Penalty tracking officials use whistles to signal penalties and player numbers. Scorekeeping officials track the scores for the team they are assigned.


What are the Benefits

  • Income from officiating leagues and tournaments
  • Credibility as an IEAF-certified Official
  • Earn loyalty rewards for members who sign up under your referral code
  • Earn loyalty rewards for purchases, referrals, and officiating events.
  • Member pricing on IEAF-certified equipment
  • Discounts provided by IEAF sponsors and/or partner organizations

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