Extreme Archery is an action-packed sport modeled after the widely popular Archery Tag® brand. Enjoyed by people around the world, Extreme Archery is a mix of Dodgeball, Paintball, and Archery. Teams of athletes compete against each other by shooting foam-tipped Non-Lethal Arrows at each other from opposite action zones. Points are earned by hitting opposing team members with arrows, catching arrows in flight shot by opposing team members, and shooting out targets located on the attack lines. With a stellar safety record since the inception of Archery Tag® in 2011, the sport’s creators maintain focus on innovative product development to preserve the highest standards of safety.


The objective of IEAF is the advancement of the athletic competition in the sport of Extreme Archery in the United States and in international competition. The privilege of IEAF membership, employment, or status as a director, officer, or volunteer may be withdrawn by IEAF whenever it determines conduct is inconsistent with the objective of the organization or the best interest of the sport and those who participate in the sport. The code cannot enhance ethical conduct in the sport; that can only come from the personal commitment of IEAF members, employees, directors, officers, and volunteers to behave ethically. This code is offered to guide and affirm their will to safeguard the best interests of Extreme Archery by conducting themselves ethically at all times.

Mission Statement

The IEAF oversees sanctioned events and provides advice and expertise for the organization of extreme archery events world-wide. The Federation develops standards for equipment, game play, and participant safety. It also provides coaching, education, equipment development, and oversees all matters related to the growth of this sport.